Our Promise


1. Getting the kids outside

In 2019 Crywolf was launched, with the founding vision of getting kids outdoors. In a modern world we know that outdoor play comes with numerous benefits including health, learning, creativity, social skills, wellbeing and independence. Crywolf offers quality, playful and high performing outerwear to encourage outdoor play

2. Stay warm & dry whatever the weather

With a summer and winter collection, we now offer year-round products that will encourage outdoor adventures across all seasons. From an epic range of rainwear gear for winter through to a stunning swimwear collection of summer, kids can gear up with Crywolf products whatever the weather.


3. Outerwear that kids want to wear!

Crywolf is fun, functional and big on style. Little wolf cubs will make a statement on the greyest of days, in our range of outerwear which combines on-trend colours and playful prints.

4. Powerful Partnerships

We are committed to fostering strong partnerships across our supply chain, from our talented manufactures, to our global sales team and retail partners, through to our end customers, we work with integrity, kindness and commitment. We are all part of the Crywolf family.


5. Positive Impact

Crywolf are committed to safeguarding our children’s world. Our mission is to provide children with the best possible outdoor products, made with minimal environmental impact, to foster a lifelong love and appreciation of the great outdoors. We support responsible production practices and seek to offer customers eco-friendly products whenever possible.

We are proud to be using recycled materials across the majority of our projects. We make high quality, functional wears that we encourage to be passed along after use, further reducing our impact on the planet.

6. Powerful Partnerships

New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa or the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ and we know our rain! Our products are cleverly designed and tested here in New Zealand for kids around the world to love and enjoy.