Within our business we have taken on a responsibility to choose materials we consider to be eco-friendlier for the planet.

R E P R E V E ®  

The Crywolf Eco-Puffers and Reversible Vests are proudly filled with REPREVE® - an innovative fibre made from recycled water bottles a sustainable and humane alternative to using real down.

REPREVE® offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases in production, whilst delivering a quality product that comes with a wide range of benefits. REPREVE® mimics the qualities of real down and is insulative, lightweight and fast drying.

Read more about REPREVE® here.


R E C Y C L E D  F A B R I C S

At Crywolf we use recycled materials in over 95% of our range.

For our latest collection, we are proud to be manufacturing our popular Play Jackets, Rain Overalls, Explorer Jackets, Magic Jackets, Eco Puffers, Reversible Vests, Petwear, Yeti styles and all Swimwear, using certified recycled fabrics. These products have been created using recycled PET polyester, produced from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and is a significant development in our effort to reduce waste and limit the environmental impact our manufacturing.

In the recycling process PET bottles are cleaned and crushed into a fine flake, then refined into a high-quality polyester yarn that is used for our fabrics. This process requires no petrol-chemicals, completely cutting out any fossil fuels. It is a highly sustainable approach to add the benefits of durability, water proofing and fade resistance to fabric.


B I O N I C ®  F I N I S H   E C O

In our desire to add waterproofing to our Eco-Puffers and Reversible Vests we discovered that most conventional water-repellent coatings on todays market contain fluorocarbons that decompose very slowly in nature, are easily spread and can be carcinogenic.

Instead, we have chosen the eco-friendlier water-repellent BIONIC-FINISH® ECO coating. We are confident that these products are free from dangerous fluorocarbons and other hazardous chemicals including PFCs (perfluorinated compounds), formaldehyde and paraffin.



P O L Y L A N A ®

In our search for a sustainable yarn to create our new range of Beanies that met our criteria of being soft, durable, vegan and recycled, we discovered POLYLANA®. An innovative blend of recycled and virgin yarn, POLYLANA® fiber consumes less energy and water to produce than standard yarn, with all of the same high performance capabilities and characteristics similar to an acrylic and wool blend.

POLYLANA® is a sustainable synthetic fibre consisting of polyester pellets and recycled PET chips and in contrast to acrylic, consumes significantly fewer resources including:

• 76% less energy consumption
• 85% less water consumption
• 76% less waste
• 19% less CO2
• 32% less microfibres emitted
• POLYLANA® is 100% recyclable 




N A T U R A L   R U B B E R   R A I N  B O O T S

Crywolf Rain Boots have been are hand-crafted from rubber tapped from the Hevea tree, which can produce rubber for 30 years. This is a natural vegan material that is waterproof, flexible and comfortable to wear.

The rubber we use on our Rain Boots has been sourced from plantations in Vietnam. 

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